Cadenza #4: Summer of ’23

ChiMus_Cadenza 4
Chicago Musician
Cadenza #4: Summer of '23

Host Shawn Stengel gives views and reviews of some Chicago theatre, binge-worthy TV series, concerts in Millennium Park, and even touches on ‘Barbenheimer’! He talks about everything that’s hip to comment on in this Summer of ’23.

The Who’s ‘Tommy’ at the Goodman Theatre is a big hit! But is it any good? What about ‘Personality’ at the Studebaker Theatre?? Did you get to see Kelly Anne Clark and Will Clinger in ‘Being Seen’ at the Den Theatre? Shawn gets you up to speed on what to see and what to avoid.

More in the mood for some outdoor music?? You’ll get the skinny on what’s happening with the Grant Park Symphony at the Pritzker Pavilion this summer. From Elgar to helicopters, Liszt to ambulances, you’ll here about what’s being played and what’s being heard in the city.

Are you more interested about what’s on the small screen? I bid farewell to streaming favorites ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’. Are you a binger? Or do you like your episodes doled out over time? Either way, I’ll talk about the characters I’ll miss the most now that these shows have wrapped up.

And finally, maybe that’s all the new shows we’ll see for a while. The screenwriters and screen actors are currently on strike with no resolution in sight, so, consequently, maybe we’ll have to get used to reruns again?? What is the strike about? Money!! Of course. But we’ll dive into it a little more to explain what the stakes are. Because that’s what a good podcast does. Hence and furthermore, following that sentence, rather than talking about a surprisingly different show, in reality, I’m just trying to simultaneously use transition words. Thus, I have.

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