Malcolm Ruhl #1

Malcolm Ruhl
Chicago Musician
Malcolm Ruhl #1

Malcolm Ruhl is a versatile musician. Growing up in Brooklyn, he played guitar, cello, sang and wrote his own songs. And that was just Junior High!!! Listen as he and his high school friends venture across the river to Manhattan. The Met, the New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall. . . pretty good places to discover that world of music in all its different forms. So how do guitar lessons in a Brooklyn basement eventually lead Malcolm to enroll in a small midwest college? Did signing a recording contract with an agent at the age of 13 pan out? Where did his dreams of being a classical composer take him? Tchaikovsky? Schönberg? Poulenc? The Beatles?

Who were the teachers, the mentors, friends and family who noticed that this young man had ‘something special’? How did this gift of music help to reshape the life of a painfully shy boy?

On his own ‘long and winding road’, Malcolm took up electric guitar, some piano, and eventually the bass. He performed with rock bands, chamber orchestras, concert choirs, and eventually made it to Broadway. Wait, what?? How does that happen?

Come enjoy the foundational years of Malcolm Ruhl, musician. Be amazed by the variety of experiences that became the building blocks for a unique and unpredictable career in music. Malcolm’s unique/universal road to becoming a professional musician is quirky and surprising. Much like Malcolm, the person. A kind, thoughtful, original thinking introvert, Malcolm Ruhl is an all-around great guy, who is difficult to fully describe in one episode of a podcast. That’s why there are two episodes!!!! So buckle up and enjoy Malcolm, the early years in Episode 1.

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