Still India

Still India
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Still India

‘Still India’ picks up where I left off after the ‘So I went to India. . .’ episode (Cadenza #5). My Indian adventure continues with a full hot day back in New Delhi. Then we go exploring a little farther afield. We fly north to Amritsar which is the home of the iconic Golden Temple of the Sikhs. Just to the west we visit the truly bizarre flag lowering ceremony at the Wagah Border where India and Pakistan meet. You’ll want to hear about this mind-blowing experience where soldiers from two countries that dislike each other immensely strut and kick and pound their chests in front of stadiums full of cheering crowds. And then they peacefully lower their flags for the night. It is a singular experience.

Amritsar, in the Indian state of Punjab, also is home to the Partition Museum. It tells the story of how modern day India and Pakistan were formed as the British Raj withdrew from the country after 150 years of colonial rule. Plus don’t miss the Jalian Wala Bagh memorial, which commemorates a tragic military episode from the colonial era.

Up to Kashmir

Then we’ll take a short, gorgeous flight up to Srinagar which sits beside beautiful Dal Lake in the foothills of the Himalayas in the still disputed Kashmir region. Boy is there a lot of history, a lot of natural beauty and a lot of Indian Army soldiers here. It was so interesting just to gain a small appreciation for the conflicts that have haunted this region for hundreds of years.

When you’re in Srinagar, you must stay on a houseboat, and we did. Come here why that is a ‘thing’ in this far north city in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The people were friendly and the air was cool and clear. A welcome change of pace from hot, hectic Delhi.

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