So, I went to India. . .

I went to India
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So, I went to India. . .

I went to India with my cousin Gisele for the first two weeks of April. We were planning to visit and travel with our cousin Joan who teaches in New Delhi, but that didn’t work out exactly as we had planned. But our adventure in India did work out, and we had an amazing, immersive time exploring several different parts of India. India is very large. . . it’s like visiting the U.S. . . . you have to make some choices.

Join us and see how we negotiated the mega cities of New Delhi and Mumbai. What do we mean when we say ‘We did the Golden Triangle’? How pink is the Pink City, Jaipur? Are there really one and a half billion people there? How’s the traffic? Is it expensive? What the heck is a tuk-tuk? Did we suffer from ‘Delhi Belly’?

As I say in the intro, India is a lot of a lot of lot on top of a lot more. India is a lot of people, a lot of history, a lot of color, a lot of beauty, a lot of filth, a lot of poverty, a lot of food, a lot of traffic, a lot of contradictions, a lot of variety, a lot of religions, and on and on. So come along and get a sense of what this mind-blowing country is about. The tip of the iceberg for sure. But ya gotta start somewhere. We started in New Delhi.

Make sure you check out my photos at I’ve already posted many photos there and I’ll be adding more for months to come. There are many different galleries in India’24 and those galleries are tucked away in the Travel folder. Many other trips there too. Feel free to nose around and see some other parts of the world I’ve been lucky enough to visit.

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